Orlando Local

Local Listings Are Vital

Statistics say that MOST people perform searches to find something locally. Based on that, it is critical that your Orlando business be prominently featured when someone types in..

“Where can I find a good (insert you here) in Orlando”

Beyond that, the search engines, particularly Google and Bing have integrated local maps and directions, making your business easy to find at exactly the moment someone needs it. Imagine this scenario… Its lunch time, a client says, do you have any good seafood (substitute your business) around here? If you didn’t already have a destination in mind, what would you do? You’d turn to the search engines to find a LOCAL LISTING close by, a business listed near the top of the page with good ratings, easy direction and a friendly appearance. It’s all integrated, particularly when we think of local searches.

What Exactly are Local Directories.

Go back in time several years and (depending on your age) you may remember the yellow pages, the quick and easy way (for the time) to find exactly the business you were looking for. Now fast forward to the 21st century and you have local directories powered by Google, Bing and Yahoo.

There’s a skill to getting a business top rankings locally, add in reputation management and ensuring your listing is targeted geographically correct, and it’s quite a task. Quite a task for someone who’s never done it before, but of course we have, multiple times, for multiple clients. Why have we done it? Two reason, because we take pride in our work and because that is what the client ordered. Help me get found they’ll say… and that is exactly what we did. We can do the same for you.

Are Local Listing Separate Issue From SEO?

Not really, think of more as a cohesive unit, where one part enforces (and adds strength) to the other. It’s all integrated, that’s why it’s called the web, each listing, each back link, each strategy we employ is all designed for one thing, to help you achieve the success you desire, the success you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Give me a call, or fill out our contact form and let a member of our team walk you through the process. You’ll be surprised at easy and cost effective it can be.